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All FAL stock sets listed on this page will fit all traditional Inch pattern FAL receivers. These include all British an Australian L1A1 type FALs. In addition,

these will fit Canadian FAL variants. Canadian hand guards are available.

LIAI Inch pattern set Features:

  1. Accepts original L1A1 butt plate (not included)

  2. Accepts L1A1 sling swivel (not included)

  3. Correct selector slot cut Inch pattern pistol grip

( pistol grip includes mtg. bolt and trigger guard screw)

  1. Butt stock mounts with original hardware

  2. Correct shape 2 slot Inch hand guards

  3. Hand guard bushings included ( factory original)

  4. Set is pre fitted & clean sanded to 150 grit

$325 + $16 S&H

The butt stock in this set is an exact reproduction of the Australian

L1A1 model. Hand guards and pistol grip are reproductions of the original early production British L1A1 models. British pattern butt stock will be available shortly. Our hand guards are not cut for the original metal inserts. They are, however, structurally superior to the original hand guards, which were far too thin and fragile. Ours are beefed up internally and externally, but still retain the original look and feel. Original Inch guards tended to split along the side vent slots. They also split where the front insert were mounted, as the wood was far too thin when relieved for the inserts.


Go to ORDER page for instructions.

Sets will include trigger guard wood insert, (not currently shown).

For a limited time, pistol grips come with factory original mounting bushings.

Original mounting screws not included.

Some additional information regarding our FAL Inch & Metric line of reproduction stocks.

Having produced FAL stocks for the past 15 years, we have in depth knowledge of these parts, their shapes and how they fit. Our latest FAL stock offerings are the best we have ever created.

Make no mistake, these new parts have been re-engineered to better that factory specs. From symmetrical shapes, to the smallest of clearance cuts, they are truly correct. These are pure CNC cut, with only minor manual operations for hole drilling, trimming etc...All parts were laser scanned

from original samples. No router shaper tables or other general wood working tools were used to create the shapes or detail cuts.

We’ve posted some photos and information below, regarding our latest offering, the L1A1 Inch series of stocks. Please take a few minutes to see what we have done.

Careful attention was given to the butt stock to receiver fit, to make sure that the proper gaps were in place to avoid any undue stress and breakage to the nose of the stock. You can see in the

right hand photo, a .010 shim between the lower receiver and stock face. In addition, we have left a small gap for the lower receiver tang, to allow for different tolerances that may and can occur on military contract parts.

New programming and tooling were used to emulate the correct

butt plate cut and butt end relief cuts. You can see in the left side photo, an original L1A1 stock, on top of our butt stock. We will attempt to address the additional smaller hole below the main trap hole. Plate fit is precise an snug, with proper wood overhang in relation to actual butt plate.

A comparison between an original L1A1 grip, and our grip, show

correct shape of part, and fit of trigger guard and front strap plate.

The subtle things you may not notice, are things that we do. Proper back-strap angles, radius surfaces, and how they are actually sanded, are addressed. We do use threaded lugs for the mounting lug, and the trigger guard plate. SInce we typically do not sell a ton of these parts, it is too costly to have machined press in lugs made. If demand persist, then we will look into making them.

We feel that the correct shape and feel are more important, as the lugs are not seen after installation, and are structurally sound.

Our improved hand guards are an important feature of our FAL stock sets. We have been asked many times, “ do you have the metal inserts?”. Answer, no. Why you ask. Well, costs for dies and stampings are expensive in small numbers. Honestly, the original FAL hand guard design, in my opinion, was poorly executed. Most of these types of original hand guards split along the side vent slots, along the gas tube channel, and at the front.....where the metal inserts were originally installed. The original guards were far too thin for GI handling, and combat duty. In addition, the .308 recoil was not helpful in keeping the hand guards intact.

Original individual hand guards can actually be broken with a good hard crush of the hand. I have actually done this as an example to a local customer. Our improved hand guards have more material internally, and externally. We omitted the internal flat surface relief cut that runs parallel to the external flat surface, and cut only the barrel channel and the gas tub channel. This leaves a spine of wood between the channels, which we flatten out. The results are that you can squeeze as hard as you can and not feel any flex whatsoever. These parts are vastly stronger than the originals. The added material externally is so subtle that you won’t notice any visual or physical difference, but, it adds even more strength.

With regards to heat and durability, no issues over the 12 years we have been producing these parts. We did spend the $ to create the  mounting screw bushings, as these were visible and critical for accurate fit.

This is the only part of our FAL line where we took some creative license, and deviated from the original. We think it is a better, stronger design, an that these hand guards will last a lifetime,


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